For the housing industry

We digitize your boiler room

Fast, easy and cost-effective - thanks to modern cloud technology and self-installable sensors.




Analysis, evaluation and energy reporting at the touch of a button

40-50 %

40-50 %

40-50 %

More cost-effective than conventional digitalization of the heating system

up to 18%

up to 18%

up to 18%

Potential for savings without further investment
(see practical example)

This is how you make your heating system fit for the future

Three components. Easy to install. Maximum cost savings.

Our measurements

Installed in less than 1 hour, the Sensaru S-Sensors directly measure the following values at the heating system:

Temperature on the pipe / environment

Flow and return temperature

Pressure in the water circuit

Potential-free contacts

Digital voltage signals


Gas and electricity meters

Physical measurement of the amount of heat (coming soon)

Now recognize energy-saving potentials

The Sensaru Immo Starter Set

The set-up for real estate companies with three sensors, gateway and direct access to the cloud (including Cloud subscription Basic).

The three sensors

Installed in less than 1 hour, our sensors measure flow and return temperature, pressure, and energy consumption.

Sensaru Real Estate Gateway

All data is aggregated and analyzed and processed by our data warehouse through the gateway.

Sensaru Cloud

Central monitoring of all heating systems. Direct access to measurements, analysis, and energy report.

Sensaru Cloud & Data Warehouse

The aggregated measurement data is analyzed and processed by the cloud's data warehouse - for central control of your heating system.




Conventional installation per basement




Initial installation

Our cloud subscription

Cloud Subscription

€10 per month

Annually cancellable.

For 5 apartments

up to 10 sensors per gateway

Unlimited users

Monitoring heating data

Total export of all heating data

Export of individual heating data

Detaillierter Energiebericht


REST interface

For each additional apartment

€2.50 / month

Annual subscription.